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Attitude of Gratitude

Jim Dandy's is participating in a collaborative exercise in Gratefulness. It is November and less than two weeks away from when we will all be enjoying turkey, loved ones and loads of Christmas commercials in observance of gratitude and all of the blessings we enjoy as Americans. This is the second annual "Attitude of Gratitude", but my first year participating in it.

Here is an the introduction from last years kick off:

When I am feeling frustrated, short changed, insufficient or victomized, I have a wise friend who reminds me that you can't feel self pity and gratitude at the same time. She has suggested on many, many occasions that the best way to combat feelings of resentment, jealousy, disappointment, inadequacy and sadness is to make a gratitude list. Her Rx for a "spell" of bad feelings (lasting more than a few days) is to make a gratitude list of 20 things everyday for a week. You are not to duplicate things you are grateful for, and in my practice, I try not to make a list of specific people because it prevents me from digging deep. It is a great way to go into November, which holds Thanksgiving and to officially kick off the Holiday Season.
So starting Monday,  my week (and attitude) of Gratitude will begin. Start yours with me if you can and lets feed off of one another so that in a weeks time our gratitude has grown exponentially. If you decide to participate be sure to leave a comment here with a link to your blog so everyone can find you...and lets be sure to comment on one another's blogs and recruit others to do the same to keep up the momentum. Perhaps you'll want to copy and paste some of this message so your friends and family can join the fun! See you Monday!


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