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monday blues easily ameliorated

i love old cameras. once this house is in order and i have nice soothing home temple vibes flowing all around me again, i want to kick off my artistic photography again.

the greek is always amused when i come home from thrift store adventures with yet another vintage camera. i know they all work, and i have user manuals bookmarked for most of them.

so when i saw this posting from Needles and Pens today, i HAD to have it.

i love the colors and the amazing shots done with a 1968 Olympus Pen EES-2 Camera. meow! the best part? all these double shot images are taken in the coolest place to live. the bay area!!

so, thank you Needle and Pens (and photographer Andrew Martin Scott) for this beautiful new addition to my new (and still not finished or ready for living in) house! now that i think about it, its the first thing i have bought for the new house that wasn't from Home Depot. :D

buy your own copy here

house update tomorrow, i PROMISE (including pre-renovation photos).


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