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Vednesday: Sas Christian

LadyV here again to introduce another fabulous artist for this week's Vednesday... I hope you love it!

Sas Christian paints girls with the most peculiar, intense, inviting and intriguing features I've ever seen. The eyes of each of her subjects are mesmerizing, glistening and simply astounding. She portrays off kilter and tenebrous girls in a strangely innocent and appealing light. I find myself pulled in by her work and always wanting more, wanting to stare into more mysterious lustrous eyes of these girls that you can tell have secrets. I want to know those secrets!

"Cold Front"

Artist Bio
Sas Christian isn't your typical "I've wanted to paint since I was a little child" kind of artist. It wasn't until she was 13 and attending a boarding school held at a church in England that she started to escape into art and music. Born in London in 1968, her mother had dreams of Sas having a career in medicine. Not keen to that idea, Sas convinced her parents to let her study graphic design and as it turned out, she wasn't exactly keen to that either. After searching for jobs endlessly with no results and having her portfolio stolen, she decided it was time for something else. With a move to Florida, Sas started making custom rubber clothing, which while satisfying, didn't really pay the bills and the business soon went under. Working a boring dead-end job, she started reading Juxtapoz magazine and began contemplating painting. After a trip on LSD for the first time, she knew she had to make it happen and hasn't turned back since. This self-taught artist had it inside her the entire time.

Artist Website

I highly suggest visiting her Myspace Page to see higher resolution images of her work

Sas has currently been working on paintings for a show in her hometown at the Opera Gallery London on February 3rd, 2010.


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