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rain rain, thanks for coming!

today in the bay area, the first real rain of the season came. when i woke this morning, it felt so cool and full of release. i know lots of us hate the rain sometimes, and especially in california, it also means lots of lots of traffic accidents and horrible backups all over the freeways.

but this morning, for me, it was another excuse to stay snuggled up and drink soothing yummy tea. i even took a walk around the little neighborhood the greek lives in san francisco.

there were people walking around in their rain galoshes, umbrellas hid the faces of all the people, and scarfs adorned the necks of passerbys.

this weather reminds me of europe for some reason, and i just love it. i can't wait to be in the prestwick house with a fire going, and friends and family huddled all around me.

so for today, instead of posting yucky ugly pre-renovation pics of the prestwick house, i've decided to post some rainy picks from etsy.

this necklace by LycheeKiss is perfect for my rainy day with my umbrella musings today.

if this gorgeous ring by HeatherlyDesigns were an actual umbrella i would buy one of them immediately! the fact that is it is made up of milk glass makes me want to make home made hot chocolate with whole milk and sprinkle cinnamon on top with some freshly whipped cream, and sit all cozy Under My Umbrella.

and if you are anything like me, i almost always go out in the rain without my umbrella, or proper coat, and most definitely i never remember to wear a rain hat. but if i had this one from kungfumonkeyrobot, especially with the corduroy fabric, i would never ever forget this Sprinkles Hat!

in light of my new home and the fact that i will be busy spending lots of money decorating soon, i thought this print was perfect for my happy-go-rainy mood today. this piece is a print of an original design, I'm Thankful For You When It Rains, by penniesforjillian.

enjoy the rain, and drive safe!


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