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what's all the buzz about anyway?

as some of you may know, i have been working on a top secret project with some kick ass top secret peeps.

but even though we are still developing our materials, i am happy to announce that SF Etsy is putting together Handmade Ho Down, the first ever Etsy sponsored craft show.

the event will be Thursday December 3, 2009 at Mezzanine Club in San Francisco, Ca.

i am so excited to be a part of this i could scream. but instead i am getting uber engrossed in everything that we need to do to pull this off.

cant wait! stay tuned for more and more details. this is seriously, going to kick ass.

alley cat spent the weekend with me, watching and helping pack our apartment for the move. i can't believe there is only NINE days left to pack.

ive got my art stuff packed, the bathrooms packed, the linen closet. but still have our bedrooms.

someone save me!


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