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a new day of the week

art is a constant inspiration, whether it is in my surroundings, on print, in someones style, my head, your head, well known, not known, fluid, stable, visual or by taste... well you get the drift.

one of my sweet peeps is the lovely Lady V. she is a constant reminder to me about how beautiful art can be, and is constantly introducing me to amazing local as well as international, unique, and positively beautiful pieces from many various artists. whenever she posts to her sites, a random picture of artwork by some amazing artist i have never heard of, it feels, for just a moment (and every time i go back to look at it again) like a well needed escape.

what does Lady V have to do with this new calendar formation you ask?

well, with the help of Lady V, i am sooo thrilled to announce that i am officially introducing a new day of the week to Running With Feathers. although wednesdays are sure to still happen, the new Vednesday's will be appearing every week to bring all of us an exclusive insight to Lady V's artist escapes.

i invite you all to welcome Lady V to Running Feathers, and i would personally like to take this time to express how uber blessed i am to have her be a part of this. wooot!!

stay tuned for tomorrows first EVER Vednesday! :P


LadyV said...

Very very excited to contribute to this fantastic blog of excellence. I have some great stuff in store! Stay tuned. :)

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