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monday bliss

yesterday was quite the day. after working on writing most of the morning, i was excited to cut my day short for a "feathered friend" excursion.

as some of you may know, i am an active member of the SF Etsy Group. its a group of Etsy sellers that live in the Bay Area.

since i have been a member, i have made 1 or 2 friends along the way. but now that i am part of a committee for a TOP SECRET MISSION that can not yet be revealed, i've gotten a chance to get to know a few more amazing sellers.

and while i plan on introducing all of them to you, along with their just-as-amazing shops, the blog state as it is would only hinder my intentions of bring them a few new people to their audience.

so that will have to wait until this blog is fixed.

but despite that roadblock, one of my new friends i have met, is a fellow feathered friend, Sarah. she makes really beautiful feather fascinators that are equally as unique as mine. i love her pieces! and since im at the end of my short lived hiatus, i have no problem sending you over to her shop, Looks Good From the Front.

in the future i plan on talking more about her in support of her endeavours, but for now i'd rather skip to the part about how we had a kick ass day yesterday.

we started off, by meeting at Cafe Sorriso in San Leandro, CA. they had a gorgeous asian selection of food. my wonton soup was homemade, clean, nutritious, and exactly what i wanted. i love it when that happens, don't you?

after our lunch, we both drove to Thrift Town. everyone knows im a sucker for thrift finds. im a NINJA!

i found so many amazing things, and luckily for me, Sarah didn't find me a complete wingnut.

a couple other things are still in the car, waiting for the greek to come over and help me unload, but here are some of what i got to bring home yesterday:

my first find was a General Electric Lighted Dial alarm clock. sooo cute:

its' going to look awesome next to my bedstand in the new house! i can't wait.
the prestwick house is all wooden floors, and if i remember right, has no a/c or central heating ( i could be wrong). so i thought it very fitting to find (and BUY) this mint condition vintage Tital Turn-a-Dial floor heater:

even though i love summer, i'm looking forward to be settled in the prestwick house with snuggly socks and a fire on..... everything painted and cozy, and with the help of Titan, warm. :D
this next purchase will make sense when the dining room in the prestwick house is fitted up. but i
just couldn't resist this:

i can't wait for the greek to bring me another bouquet so i can show this off!
i feel so grateful to be meeting such cool people. and Sarah, if you are reading this, THANKS for such a fun time. i can't wait to hang out with you again.
today marks the official TWO WEEKS till the move, and panic mode is creeping up right behind me. last night i managed to pack 4 boxes in the bedroom. aaaahhh. progress!


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