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things i bought and can't wait to get in the mail

thursday is moving day. i am so excited to finally be getting this move to the prestwick house over with! while i am no doubt waiting to be slaving away with boxes and a big huge moving truck, i am also drooling all over my mailbox waiting for supplies to come in! 

while you can be confident i am all sweat and stifled complaints of "are we done yet?", i am also thinking about lots of cool things coming this way soon.


 the inside of my head has been furiously working with the night light on while i sleep, on some ideas that i have had in mind since Jim Dandy's started. part of these ideas is implementing some netting into some of my select pieces.


on order and shipped for delivery:

                                                 black and red french netting, russian bridal veil

 ooo la` la`!, ptchika!

i have been going back on halloween ideas since august. i know, im nuts. but this will be the first halloween with the greek and i, and as i mentioned in this post, it is my FAVORITE holiday.

to inspire some creative ideas (because there is nothing worse than being out on halloween and seeing the same exact costume on someone besides yourself), i ordered these gorgeous MASKS! perhaps i could turn halloween into a marketing strategy. ;p

sarasvati and her feline

now where is that mail delivery person!! :D


jim dandy said...

speak of the devil! the masks just arrived!! awesomeness in a box.

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