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what a weekend!

i was so productive this weekend, i can barely believe it.

friday night i met up with some of the kick ass committee of handmade ho down. it was almost a spontaneous meet up (it defo wasn't planned that way), except that i had scheduled a meet up at a couple venue places.

after we all made an executive decision regarding our venue choice, we celebrated with some pitchers of pbr (yum!) and the most delish onion rings and nachos i have had in a loooon time. thank you brainwash!

from there, the greek and i came back to my humble abode (but not for long!) and got to sleep fairly early for us on a weekend. we wanted to get an early start for the weekend of PACKING [insert creepy daunting music here].

and boy did we! with the help of my take-charge-bossy-ass boyfriend, the greek and i got ALMOST the entire place boxed up. not to mention that the whole apt is CLEAN!

i even managed to make a scrumptious homey and ok-for-summer-despite-being-soup pot of youvarlakia. i love this soup. the greek doesnt eat red meat (or lamb. but this is another posting. i mean, what greek doesn't eat lamb?!), so i made the meatballs with ground turkey instead. the lemons were from the local farmer down the street, who im going to miss dearly, and it came out fantastic!

hey moving date? i am not afraid of you!!


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