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Vednesday: Stella Im Hultberg

Hi all! Lady V here for the first official Vednesday!

I really have a thing for paintings of beautiful women. I genuinely appreciate the beauty found in the curves and lines of the woman body and am drawn to art that expresses those beauties in amazing ways. I would like to introduce a fabulous artist that conveys not only the beauty of a woman in her work, but then evokes feelings of love, lust and desire in one fail swoop: Stella Im Hultberg!


Artist Bio:
Stella Im Hultberg’s paintings are conceived in varying combinations of ink, watercolor, and oils on paper, wood and canvas. Her portraits of women are rendered in easy, flowing lines with soft hues that transcend the typical critiques of feminine beauty, inherent in today’s self conscious society.

Hultberg originally studied Industrial Design at CSU, which naturally segued into work as a toy designer early on in her career. Work in the design industry serendipitously led to her building on her natural talents as an artist and a career as a self-taught painter soon followed. Having grown up in Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan, she has a diverse blend of cultural influences to pull from.


Where to Buy

This site doesn't sell directly but will send you to other sites that have the prints or otherwise in stock. There are prints, paintings, drawings and even fun things like gelaskins for laptops and ipods.


Upcoming Shows

November 7th:: solo show, copro gallery, santa monica, CA
December 12th:: Multiplane group show,corey helford gallery, santa monica, CA

January :: grou pshow. last rites gallery. new york, NY
May/June :: solo show. joshua liner gallery, new york, NY

Artist Website


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