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an ambushed frenzy

i'm posting this pretty late, but am also waiting for my entire body to finally---cRasH.

i hope you liked the first guest post from Lady V! i know i was enthralled by the artist she featured, and im looking forward to next Vednesday. (thanks!)

yesterday was one of the most stressful days of Handmade Ho Down i have ever experienced so far. it started off with overload of information from our successful meeting the night before (almost all of us were able to attend either in person or via skype = success!).

there is just so much to do now, and i think for the most part, every single one of us is just really excited to be a part of this.

with that said, i got socked in the gut with some really grim news regarding a pretty big element of Handmade Ho Down. and while we are copiously trying to put out the fire, i can't help but also feel blessed that this is happening now instead of.. let's say a week before our event. i am definitely learning many things about group dynamics and the art of facilatation.

the best part are the friendships i see developing with fellow sf etsy peeps that i never knew before three weeks ago.

last week i sent out emails asking for potential vendors to sign up, and we have gone from 19 potential vendors to 60! im really excited about this, as it just validates all our hard work the committee has been putting in. vendors really want to be a part of this too!

while i don't want to discuss the details of yesterday's major fail, i do want to say that it became apparant to me, while dealing with so many challenging issues yesterday, how invested i am in all of this. i know most of us on the committee are feeling the same way as well.

i just can't wait to start revealing more and more, such as our website, facebook, twitter, and blog! Handmade Ho Down is really going to rock.

currently my apt is in utter chaos, which doesnt help me deal with stress any better. things seem cluttered and out of place as i frantically and with total exhaustion attempt to pack this place up in time for next thursday. with now only 6 more days till the move, i can't help but feel that IM RUNNING OUT OF HEAD SPACE for everything.

but i am confident that between the amazing greek and my inability to live in comfortable space, this place will be packed up in no time! and then? it will be painting and painting and sanitizing the prestwick house for the rest of my life.... well maybe not the REST of my life, but definitely the entire first week we are moving in.

tonight alley-cat and i realized that it was her last night in the apt. she goes to her dads house after school tomorrow for the week. i am, as usual, bummed out. i hate seeing her go, and every week its just as hard as the last time. but, i AM looking forward to not having to do the drives to school and back 4 times a day, so i can focus more on the impending move.

today she took school pictures, and i have to say, she looked adorable. but you knew i was going to say that didn't you? :D


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