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oh yeah!

the concert last night was amazing! the yeah yeah yeah sure did tickle my pickle (if that's appropriate). i just couldn't believe how much FUN it was.

karen-o sure did her thang. her sense of individuality and amazing-ness rubbed off on me, because today... i went to [inser corporate everything store im too ashamed to say] and bought black reptile printed and embossed leggings!

who would have thought? i HATE reptiles. but these leggings just looked so karen-o that i just HAD too. and at $12.99 there is nothing to even feel guilty about.

i will post pics of my night some other time when Pretty Pistols sends them to me. we were just tooooo cute. (if i say so myself!)

i had posted to my sf etsy group a question about blog templates. it seems like everytime i use one, something somewhere gets messed up.

one of my new sf etsy friends referred me to a really cool blogging sprucing up site, The Cutest Blog on the Block. it had lots of cool backgrounds, and i was impressed with the selections.

i also ran across this kick ass site, House of 3. There Blog Couture section has the most COOLEST blog templates, and most of them even have matching name banners for your blog.

i finally found 4 templates of my dreams, and took almost ALL DAY trying to figure out which one i liked BEST.

$1.50 a template is VERY hard to beat, unless you are going for one of those iffy free templates. i just dont have any trust left in those. after spending THREE WHOLE DOLLARS on a template and a matching name banner, i feel good.

tonight is alley cat's transition night before going to her dad's house. we are making home made orange chicken and shrimp friend rice. then we are snuggling up to watch some horendous disney movie of some sort. but i don't care. as long as its just the two of us!


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