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i guess i've been a little ADHD on my online readings. i keep going to favorite blogs and reading older posts. i think i have added about 5 blogs to my google reader in this week alone!


i feel impelled to brag about Ben the Illustrator. he is a commercial illustrator based in Cornwall, UK, with a background including animating and directing music videos for really awesome labels. ben works alongside his wife, Fi, who manages their Wish You Were Here brand, producing and selling fine art prints and is currently developing a range of Wish You Were Here homeware products.

although i don't know him personally, i wish he was my homie so i could get hooked up on his prints. i can't wait to get my hands on these two pieces for my new house (when its ready for hanging things up on freshly painted walls!)

 "''Together' capturing the inspiring team work of the little field mice scurrying through wheat fields."

"''Nature In Technicolor' is inspired by the beautiful colours we find in nature."

 it's finally the weekend, and im hoping i can find some time to pack up some boxes for the move to the i <3 prestwick house, and get into the right frame of mind for the next three weeks.
alley cat is off to her dads for the week, and i'm already missing her loads.
enjoy the weekend everyone!


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