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a not so quiet day

it feels like summer is going to take a rain check on fall just yet. i love the way the mesh of summer and fall smells. there is a calming in the air, as if the wind is waiting for halloween craze! (can't wait)

today was the first girl scout meeting. i love my girls and missed them so much! they are already planning their very first halloween party. we divided up into three committees for decorations, games, and food. each committee met in different areas of the room to brainstorm, then reported back to the entire group. next week they will vote on what and who and all the exciting details.

some of their ideas made me really proud:

instead of candy bowls, why not pinatas?
a costume fashion show for the parents
creepy punch with gummy worms in it

brings tears to my eyes!

today's etsy seller of the day is this awesome artist Dilkabear! after reading about all this awesome artwork on another blog the other day, i was impelled to buy one of the limited edition pieces. to be exact, i bought the Dandelion Girl print. its gorgeous and i can't wait to hang it in the new house!

 anyone who knows me, knows that i LOVE dandelions. and this is just the prettiest painting with tons of them in it.... mooooo!
anyways. girl scouts is finally done, just one more child to be picked up, then this hot mama is off with another hot mama of Pretty Pistols Hair Design to go see The Yeah Yeah Yeah at the Fox Theatre in Oakland.
oh yeah. i do not stop to mess around. :D
and hey! TODAY is hump day. which means tomorrow is thursday. and then it will be one more day until Friday!


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