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the labors don't stop

i hope everyone had an awesome labor day weekend. luckily for me, alley-cat was home. even though she spent the ENTIRE weekend at grandmother's house, we still got to hang out a little bit.

she enjoyed her first week of school as a 2nd grader. i can't believe how big she has gotten! 2nd Grader?! i dont care what anyone says, it does make me feel aged... like fine wine. heehee.

isn't she just the cutest?

last week was also a huge deal, on the same day that alethea started 2nd grade, one of my betsies gave birth to her very first baby. a beautiful girl named Allegra! i am a very proud godmother to say the least!

friday alley-cat, Total MayHem Designs, and Jim Dandy's carpooled down to the very last Street Market in San Jose. this was the third STRT Market Jim Dandy's has done this year. i am sad to see the summer coming to an end, as i was really starting to enjoy them. i definitely hope to join them again next summer (if they will have me). the entire event is put on by this awesome gallery Anno Domini. one of the owners, Cherri, really truly does kick ass (in real life!). if you are ever in the area, you should defo stop by and say, "yo yo yo! jim dandy's sent us!", or just go in and admire what's going on in there. ;p

for those who don't know, Total MayHem Designs, is a new store opened up by my little teeny tiny youngish yet mature and crazy sister MayBird. she took this apron idea me and amanda pants had, and has flown the coop. she is now designing aprons for vendors, bartenders, waitresses, gardeners, teachers, senior citizens, housespouses, etc.

while her shop is still under development, maybe you want to stop by to add her as a favorite to show your support , or send her a little nudge of "hell yeah!" (and tell her to hurry up and upload some listings already!!)...

maybird you rock too!

saturday the greek and i went to see inglorious basterds with my favorite couple. it was a great movie, and i highly recommend it. i was super tired though, from all the crazy driving, bart riding, etc with the bay bridge being closed. but on a serious note (as serious as you can get with Quentin) GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

sunday was topped with a delicious salmon dinner my pops and mom cooked for me and alley-cat. then we all went to a used bookstore and dorked out for about an hour, before going to overdose on cold stone creamery ice cream. yum yum.

monday i spent slaving away at the office. NOT. thank god it was a holiday. my parents, maybird, alley-cat, and sasha bear all made sandwiches, went to the local organic farmer down the street, and had a gorgeous picnic at lake elizabeth. it was sweetness in the form of a national paid holiday, good family times, warm summer breeze, and the euphoria of thinking you are playing hookey.

sasha bear san, sunbather.

the spread and the beautiful amazing alley-cat.

the entire weekend was closed off with a top secret, etsy focused, crazy bad ass project meeting in the city. it made for a long night, but wowza. are we going to blow your mind soon!



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