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no time for a concussion!

so, as soon as i got into a groove, and made a commitment to be a more consistent poster.... WHACK!

two weeks ago i hit my head against a ledge, while feeding the finches. its a long story that seems too silly to give out details for. but the jist, is that i ended up in the ER two days later for nausea, dizziness, numbing, and the worst headache i can remember!

a cat scan, iv of morphine, and a prescription for vicodene and a week on bed rest later, i was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome.

whatever that is? except, after two weeks, what i have defined it as is this:

a mild head injury that causes headache, waves of nausea, discombobulation, lethargic mental capacity, laziness, and an inability to formulate thought process beyond the intial thought.


i can't believe how long this has affected me, but despite ALL this, i had the opportunity to share a booth with Villain Accessories at Lake Fest '09 in Oakland, Ca.

it was super fun, and despite feeling like my product line and booth display standards were waaaay below Villain's, i had a great time.

the weather was awesome, my booth buddies were hilarious and enjoyable, and my little sister got to spend the weekend with me.

i even had her sell some of her aprons that i had designed with amanda pants previously, and she did great selling them. who would deny supporting a young 15 year old entrepreneur seamstress?

so, its great to have her on board for Jim Dandy's, and im super excited to take it all to the next level.

but with this concussion, just writing this out makes me want to sleep for another WEEK!

meanwhile, i am anticipating lots of things to do in October when alley-cat and i move into my childhood home.

the house was built in 1953, has been completely run down from renters, and needs lots of work before i will even allow us to sleep in it! but more on that in other posts.


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