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halloween is on the membrane!

i'm so excited about applying as a vendor for Jim Dandy's official Day of the Dead event!

La Isla De Los Muertos
Dia De Los Muertos Festival in Alameda, CA
October 31st 2009
12noon to dark!

halloween is my most FAVORITE holiday of the year, and participating in this event is just going to take the cake! the big tasty halloween cake!!

Jim Dandy's is already concocting crazy cool designs the special edition Day of the Dead pieces that will be sold exclusively at this event.

without giving away any of my ideas for mucho muertos designs, i did want to share some of the things i found when "etsying" day of the dead:

i love this milagros sold at Alamo 2003. did you know that people offer this type of milagros after they have been trough difficult times or suffered from a heart illness. i am learning so much about this festival and i havn't even started yet!

and i just love love love the pieces of Mi Vida Creations. this was my favorite one when looking at their site today, but maybe it has something to do with the fact that summer is pretty much over before it already started....

i hope you enjoy the weekend. i will be packing and trying to catch up some much needed rest, while also continuing to progress through my Handmade Ho Down tasks!


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