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indie sacremento-- May Event

indie sacremento MAY show was an experience. it was my first craft show, so i was nervous, stressed, and feeling pretty much like new kid going to her first day at school.

happy uterus came with for support and help, and alley cat came as well.

we drove all the way to sacramento, was OF COURSE running late, and were taken by surprise when it was pouring down in rain when we got there.

happy uterus and i had to quickly jet over to the nearest target and buy a tent canopy. it was pretty ridiculous.

we had quite a few in attendance despite the rain. we ended up sharing our tent with Andy from Why Girls Go Astray. She was frikin awesome!

it worked out as the rain never stopped, and happy uterus and i had new people to chat with throughout the day.

you can see all photos for the ENTIRE event.
lots of cool peoples and items.

despite the rain, my first craft show as a vendor was spectacular. even alley cat had fun!

she got to barter one of our hair pieces for a beautiful owl doll. it was gorgeous!!

the drive home we so high from success and the day, that happy uterus wrote down names for future hair pieces as we bantered ideas off each other.

alley cat slept the entire way


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