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no way, and also, YEAH i did THAT!

has it really been THREE MONTHS since my last post.

i have been soooooo unbelievably crazy getting jim dandys off the ground, preparing for my first craft shows (it was Sacramento Indie Craft Show) and Maker Faire.

i will write separate posts detailing each (complete with pictures) so you can get the full inside scoop. i've also collected a few favorite sellers that i have met in person.

its been a bit surreal at times, and crazy stressful as i had almost no product in stock to support my craft show goals.

and.............. I rOCKEd THEM.

more on that later.

i've also partnered up with Amanda Pants and we are furiously working on a top secret mission that will blow this joint out of the water.

(by joint i mean fremont, ca)

tomorrow i am vending at subZero festival in san jose, ca. can't wait!!

then on june 21st i will be at Indie Mart in SF. SO STOKED!

lots of talk about selling in some bay area shops, and im THRILLED.

ON TOP OF THAT, i've been in new relationship bliss and preparing myself for mothering a SEVEN YEAR OLD.

can you believe that? my little girl is turning 7 tomorrow!

so even though there is much to tell and disclose and write about, i figured how else should i get back into the blog, if i don't start SOMEWHERE.

somewhere is here, and now im going to be there often.



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