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kidney's only make good beans

i've been sick since yesterday morning, with a horrible situation in the kidney's. the antibiotics are not working fast enough.

i do find the pain a welcomed distraction to some other things that have been going on lately.

to break the time away, as i vegetated on my couch or bed, i started intensely looking for a vintage bicycle.

in my day dream, i imagined alley-cat riding her roller skates at lightening speed, and me... riding my beautiful shiny red vintage cruiser around the lake in lieu.

what about poor sasha? i even dreamt up sasha, following our lead with a special dog leash for bicycles.

how do i make this all a reality?


and i'm eagerly awaiting a message from my good friend billy, as he is on his way to go check out a beautiful 40 year old english cruiser.

and, as i was uploading this photo of my bicycle of dreams, billy called to tell me the bicycle is in the car and was a total steal. my new bicycle!!

i must come up with a name. i can't wait to see the bicycle in person. and add a cute basket.

and get this amazing nifty gadget for sasha:

and even though i can barely move at the moment, i can already feel the freedom of my first ride.

alley-cat and sasha in tow.


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