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lazy and productive, the new fad

this weekend was scrumptious to say the least.

alley cat had her first girl scout cookie booth sales on friday. my troop is just absolutely adorable. what seller's they are! we have two booth sales scheduled, but friday we went through our entire cookie stock. our cookie mom is off to restock for our next booth sale date next sunday.

as i was watching alley cat, i glowed with pride. once (just two years ago) she was too shy to even say hello to people she knew since birth! now, here she was coaxing complete strangers to buy some of the the nations best tasting and over priced cookies.

and she did an amazing job.

while other moms would say... wow, she would make a great avon lady. or... mary kay here we come! or, she should be in sales when she grows up. i couldn't help but think that she has the same talent and skill in talking with people and making them glow (and buying cookies doesn't hurt anyone!). i couldn't help but think, wow! when she grows up and goes off to university and/or travels this beautiful and diverse world..... she is going to ROCK IT!.

as a side note, alley cat also lost one of her back molar teeth while handing out a box of trefoils! as anyone who knows me would only imagine, we both did a bit of freaking out, as teeth falling out FREAKS ME OUT. ;p

this weekend (unplanned) revolved around my parents, who spent most of their weekend in our home.

friday we had dinner in a greek diner with my mom. the food is always yummy at Baldies Diner, and the greek owners are very handsome. if you are ever in the area, you should definitely check it out. yummmeee!

the next day alley cat and i went to go see Jonas Brother's Live in 3D with her very best friend and her mother. It's refreshing to have a mutual friend that is also the mother of alley cat's mutual friend. we have the same ideals and hopes for our children, and also... i don't feel different because i'm not married or with alley cat's father. you would be surprised how often i feel a bit "left out".

like at pta meetings when they say things like... "so don't worry, this won't take too much of your time, and your husband won't even know you are gone..." (or things to that extent)

my husband? i sure as hell hope he doesn't know i'm gone. i havn't seen him in years.

after the movie was over, and everyone was high of the 60 bucks we collectively spent on nachos, sour candy, chocolates, popcorn, and soda... alley cat and i were off to get some much needed groceries from our favorite trader joes.

my parents came over for dinner and alley cat and i made a gorgeous shrimp, garlic, basil, spinach pasta with mozzarella salad and deep fried eggplant.

it was so good, my mom decided to spend the night. she gets withdrawal symptoms if she and alethea spend longer than 2 weeks apart. obviously alley cat was thrilled, as my mom really is one of her best friends.

the next morning we all went bargain hunting at my favorite thrift store.

wow. wow. wow.

this particular store in fremont has YET to leave me disappointed.

yesterday, at in our local thrift store heaven, alley cat found a brand new pair of vintage retro Rally Roller Skates in an awesome burnt orange color that she HAD to have:

she wore them for exactly 6.5 hours yesterday, and was gravely shocked and confused when i told her it was inappropriate to wear them to bed. she happily took sasha out for a walk, and as i kept my eye out for her, i could see sasha getting a work out as she pulled alley cat around the complex.

what a team!

i was half tempted to give in and just let the kid add roller skates to her pajama wear....

i did jumping jacks when i found this vintage edition to my brand spanking new movie camera collection:

a handy stitch:

i also found a portable hammock set (brand new in the box!), a book on the the lovers of grace kelly, an awesome cookbook, and a few other thing-a-ma-bobs.

not bad for about 30 bucks?!

later my mom and i made one of our favorite greek dishes, Fasolakia, which consist of green beans, potatoes, garlic, onion, parsley and tomato sauce. we greedily pour it over white rice and voila! a perfect vegetarian dish for those who are fasting or.... hate the taste of dead animal in their mouth.

don't get me wrong... i am a sucker for carpaccio and a nicely cooked steak, but on rare occasions.

as i am forbidden to give out our secret family recipes, you can try this one i found that is a very close match.

as for the whole weekend? i think sasha was finally happy when it came to an end.


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