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lentils and cherry blossoms

whirlwind of a day full of missed calls, worried broken communication, and hazy swimming through abandoned emotions.

i actually made it into the office today, and i really like the way i am starting to reorganize my space.

if only i could keep things in its happy state. ;p

by the end of the day, i was so frazzled, that when i stopped to get gas i ended up driving away with the gas pump still in the car!

brendal and i had plans to get a drink for happy hour but that all went awry when we both went to the wrong place.

alas, i got home in time to chill out and decompress.

then my beautiful and wonderful friend natalie came over. although our intention was to go see a movie, he's just not that into you, (which would have been fitting for some of my angst the entire day) we really ended up making a big pot of fakes (greek lentil soup) and hanging out with sasha.

it was lovely having a fresh chat and even though i know we both left things unsaid, i know we both felt a bit unloaded when we woke up.

natalie was running late in the morning, and even though she had a train to catch, we both took sasha for a walk and picked beautiful cherry blossoms of the trees outside my place that are finally in bloom.

they are absolutely ravishing and my whole place is just blooming with blossoms!


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