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i'm an orthomancist!

i took alley cat to get her very first journal after school yesterday. she chose one with a lock and a key, and was pretty impressed when i told her she didn't really need one with a lock, as i super duper promised to never EVER invade her privacy in something like a journal.

i got two awesome books as well.

Book #1: Love Listography, Your Love Life in Lists by Lisa Nola

i havn't done any of the lists yet, but i will keep you posted!

Book #2: The Secret Language of Birds by Adele Nozedar

this book has a beautiful peacock on its cover. and! anyone who knows anything about me, is that I LOVE PEACOCKS and any kind of bird really.

while reading the first few pages, there is was! it hit me right in the face:

"For thousands of years, and in cultures all over the world, birds were used as a divinatory tool. Divination by watching birds is known as orthomancy."

EUREKA! just the sign i was looking for to validate my decision to get my peacock feather tattoo.

after that we went to the lake for a nice walk with sasha. as a compromise yesterday for not allowing her to wear her new roller skates to bed last night, i promised to bring her skates when i picked her up from school.

before we got around the corner from her school, she had the skates on and laced up! she skated around the park, and didn't really need me to help her at all.


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