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so, one of the major reasons for starting this blog, is because i am in love with Etsy.

it's an amazing website where you can purchase amazing handmade products, while also supporting local or international craftspeople.

i first found out about Etsy from one of my closest girlfriends who makes amazingly empowering Happy Uterus's. they are a perfect gift for young girls who are going through the first stages of puberty, women who are trying to conceive, women who are going through an aftermath from a miscarriage or abortion, women who are going through menopause, or women who have or are planning to go have some type of procedure done to them due to illness or cancer. her shop is temporarily closed, but as soon as its open, i will be sure to let you know.

as much as i would have never believed it, i now have my own etsy shop, selling beautiful feather fascinators. the very same kind of hair pieces i have made for myself and friends just to go out on the town!

every day as i go online to explore the vast world of Etsy, i never fail to bookmark, mark as favorites, or when my pocketbook allows--- add the numerous unique beautiful handmade items to my shopping cart.

instead of spending zillions of dollars (as much i would like to help do my part to boost the economy!), i can't wait to share with you all my latest finds. it wouldn't hurt if i help a fellow estian out without them knowing it.

so many added bonuses!!


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