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playing hookey

today alley cat and i are spending the time in a quiet calm.

i am not sleeping at all, and instead lay in this weird paralyzed state of sleepy dreamy nostalgic feeling and also, my eyes are wide shut watching what appears to be a possible future for me.

there is an eeirie calm to it, and my only issue with it, is that i can't sleep.

this morning, i finally made two purchases (despite my pocketbook) for two art pieces on etsy. one for me, and one for alley cat.

the first purchase is by an etsy seller, Toxic Guinea Pigs, in which i happily bought this Nestled Fawn piece:

and i couldn't resist buying from this artist, Victoria Vusova, at her etsy shop Chest of Fairy Tales .

alethea picked this piece out, and i CAN'T WAIT to have it hung in her already whimsical room:

we both anxiously and impatiently await our parcels.



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