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Yoga 30-Day Challenge: Day 1

today was the first day of the 30 Yoga Practices in 30 days Challenge at Ayuh Yoga.

i decided to mix up my usual intention for practice (to be grateful of my body, be here, etc) to something more vigorous. the room was filled with excitement as most of the other yogis in the class were also beginning the challenge.

My Intention: Be Strong.

this intent threw even me off guard, but it made so much more sense after the practice. ever since my car accident in August, I have forgotten how strong i used to be. at the time the accident didn't seem like a big deal but 2 days later i was moderately crippled with extreme whiplash and shredded shoulder pain. before the accident there was the intense and excessive migraines. the ones that used to knock me off my feet in pain and nausea. it seems like in the past year, i have been so concerned with treating pain, that i ignored my physical strength in the process. by ignoring it, its as if its given up on me.

in the last few months since i got back into my yoga, my physical strength seems to be opening its eyes, and recognizing my commitment to reconnect with it.

... today was definitely a huge gesture of that intent as i dedicated my entire practice to being strong. to remember that i am.

it's amazing how much deeper i went into my practice today, just by setting my intention around strength. my warrior poses were alive and full of deep lunges and breaths. my forward folds were intense and graceful. i even attempted to jump into forward fold!

i have decided that upon completing the 30-Day challenge, I will reward my practice with a Jade yoga mat in Tibetan Orange. here's to determination!


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