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look ma! i embroider.... or will soon.

so last night Eristotle and I went to Michaels yesterday to get my very first embroidery project started. eristotle kicks booty, and knows how to do so many cool crafty stuff. i am excited she's going to help me get started, and hopefully my 2 left hands won't get in the way of making her proud!

the patterns i have chosen as my first project, was purchased from Patterns ala Carte. i love that the patterns are from the 40's and the fact that i LOVE peacocks. it kinda goes with the whole Jim Dandy's theme don't you think?

it was a nice break from Handmade Ho Down work, and i think we both appreciated the hhd relief. :D


LadyV said...

I love them. Please make me something that is pretty and peacock. I will love you forever. Not that I won't if you don't. I should be able to afford one of the fascinators by the new year. it's been a rough 09 hahaha.

so proud of you lady!

jim dandy said...

lady v! you already are getting like 5 in the post. i'm just waiting to get pics so you can pick them out!

and when i get my embroider on, you are first on the list for whatever comes out. :D that sounded weird.

Eristotle said...

Awwww Fanks Jim!! You don't have two left fingers, just two left EYES!! HA HA HA HA (or should I say Ho Ho HO) loves. hearts. E

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