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Brownie Troop 32889 at your service this holiday season!

my brownie troop is great! (have i ever told you this?)

i have 13, 7 year olds that have yet to stop surprising me with their hearts, compassion, and eagerness to go out and do the right thing.

at our recent brownie troop meeting, we spoke about what the holidays mean to them.

some of their reactions were:
"family vacation"
"yummy food"

when i told them about those who are not as blessed during the cold months, and that some children and adults out there have no thanksgiving and christmas, their eyes were filled with empathy and compassion that melted my heart.

i offered them up two service projects as a way for them to give back to the community during the holiday season,  that they could pick from.  

One Warm Coat, is a great service project that brings warm coats to those in need.

the other service project they got to choose from, From Kids To Kids. this project gets girl scouts to collect and raise toys for abused children.  get it? FROM kids TO kids.... so sweet!

the girls lulled it all over, and in unison (without hesitation) they chanted "BOTH OF THEM".

so, i am the kind of gal who gets choked up during those commercials of hungry children, or anything that has sentimental motivational music playing in the background. but THIS moment, is my favorite one yet since being the Brownie Troop 32889 Leader. and it sure was a tear jerker.

SO.......... if any of you readers have unwanted, unsued coats that are still wearable (and warmable) in ALL sizes.... send me a note and let some really heartfelt Brownies donate it this holiday season.... :D


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