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Bison Bluff

so this past weekend was nuts for me!

the greek and i had planned to have a quiet friday night, but instead he got a gig to open up and dj at Anu. this was excited as he usually does the happy hours on thursday's at Anu. i heart Anu, but really, they should be giving my guy better spots! ::gush::

saturday we woke up and drove to a car dealership in dublin. and........... this hot mama is now driving a new car! i will post pics and a huge explanation of why this is such a big deal to me soon, but Hells Yeah!! i'm still in shock, and keep looking out my window to make sure it's still in the driveway, and not some mean joke that the Single Mom fairy decided to play on me.... 'P

sunday we woke up and the greek was adamant that we dive into the main bedroom adjoining bathroom. the main bedroom has a budoir area, that runs into the bathroom. this bathroom is one of the last parts of the house that has yet to be touched with renovations and cleaning.

for the last 6 weeks, this bathroom has been with door closed, so my eyes could easily avert the nightmare that it represents. i HATE cleaning bathrooms, let alone SOMEONE else's bathroom that has been inhabited by The Worlds Diritiest Woman... EVER.

with disgruntled mumblings, we went to buy paint, and i decided on a deep brown color on accent walls, Bison, and the gorgeous Havana Creme on the other walls. The Havana Creme is found throughout the rest of the house, and is the color in the boudoir, so it all comes together quite well.

the bison color envokes this image to the T:

when the greek and i first started painting with it, we could not stop giggling, because it literally felt like we were being really naughty and smearing CHOCOLATE MOUSSE all over the walls.

i've been trying to not to spend money lately (due to new impending car payments that are starting soon), but still cruised through Etsy, looking for possible artwork to put on the walls. i am excited for the final runner ups i came across, to put on the creme walls as an accent to the Bison.

this bathroom is predominately going to be used by the greek (when he is around) and myself. as my bedroom is way more bohemian and feminine, i want the bathroom to have a strong masculine feel to it, while still complimenting the gypsy in me reflected in the bedroom and boudoir.

i LOVED these prints from VROOOOOM:

The Bear and the Girl

the descriptions in this shop are awesome, "I heard once that you could escape an impending thrashing at the paws of a bear by playing dead. This is, of course, in direct conflict with what you're supposed to do in an encounter with a cougar (stretch your arms up and try to appear larger than you actually are)." read more of this description and see more pics of this print here.

and i really really LOVE this one:

Why are those animals on a bike 


and in tune with the rest of this shop's listing, the description:
"Why indeed.

This is part of a split edition print. This one is like this! The other one is like this?"

i really love the personal touch of descriptions in some Etsy shops, and it is definitely a kicker for me in getting out my pocketbook! perhaps it is the writer in me. :D

i really enjoyed seeing this beautiful and intense relief engraving print from EricVonZip:

Inside, Your Pretending 


the details of this print are so intricate that you really have to see the close up to see what i am gawking about:

the last but not least choice i have to pick from for the bathroom, (and possibly i will end up getting ALL of them) is this gorgeous piece from Gillian Lee Smith, out of Nottingham, UK. i love how this still keeps with the masculine feel i am trying to create in the main bathroom, yet still adds a spicy and prominent female role:

Ghostly Showgirls 


for some reason this print, makes me feel comfortable and familiar. perhaps there is a showgirl in me somewhere, ghosted from a previous life or dreamy fantasy world i partake in while i sleep.

while, i decide which ones to buy (ALL OF THEM!), i have to consciously choose to remain calm and.... finish cleaning the bathroom and get it ready for decorating....

hoping that your weekends were just as productive (or lazy if that was the intent!)!


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