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Vednesday: LaLa (Lauren Albert)

Hey everyone, it's LadyV again with this week's Vednesday. This week is a little bit different in that the artist I chose to feature makes textile designs that I absolutely ADORE. An old friend of mine works as a designer for a small clothing company in NY called Classique (see themhere)that has the most fantastic dresses that I've ever seen. I didn't realize at the time that her textiles were designed by a graphic designer, I thought they were purchased like that. I had to learn more about the person making these trippy designs that I loved so much... so I did - and now you will to!

LaLa doesn't just make textiles, she does art of all kind, including sketching and graphic design. It is seriously some of the most trippy stuff I've seen... looking through her art gives me some serious acid flash backs... SO FUN!


Artist Bio
"lauren albert"
brooklyn, ny
b: 01/08/1986

train rider
textile designer (by day/for pay)
"master of psychedelic
figures and worlds"

Well, I won't argue with that!

"nah man"


This is one of her newer textile designs that will be made into some awesome tights for the holiday season... that I MUST have:

Another favorite of mine that turned into a great dress:

LaLa has no upcoming shows listed, but you can keep an eye out for that and check out her wonderful work here

If you keep this up Lauren, I'm going to be Classique's biggest customer! You have quite the talent!


lala said...

hey thanks for saying all these nice things about me!

jim dandy said...

i need those leggings right NOW. awesome art lauren! thanks for sharing this Lady V!

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