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Jim Dandy's Loves Mary

Meet Mary! She is an avid Jim Dandy's fan. We met at one of the South First Fridays in San Jose this past summer.

She was so sweet to email me a few weeks ago about how much she LOVED her hair piece she bought!

I bought a mini yellow feather piece from you and have only gotten rave reviews. I wore it to my cousin's wedding and I have a few people who are interested in purchasing a few pieces that I will send your way!"

I was so excited, I asked her to send me some photographs and her permission to post them on the blog. What an inspiration and motivator to hear from her! After months of planning this move, shifting directions creatively, and now being bombarded with home renovations and the still fresh new school year, it is truly amazing to see how beautiful my customers are!

Thanks Mary! :D
For her inspiration, Mary is getting a free Feather Fascinator shipped to her!

If you are have a Jim Dandy's Feather Fascinator, let me know your story and send me pics at!


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