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day off doldrums

yesterday delivered the books i ordered (one day early mind you!).

a couple books on screen printing and other types of printing. it seems so amazing and fun to do, yet very daunting. with this new heap of creativity that i can't turn my back on, i have decided to delve in deep and sift out the daunt and turn it into active creating.

once i'm done going through, i will be sure to write my reviews on them.

the book i'm most excited about though is this one, The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule! she also has a blog, soulemama that takes the cake almost every day.

inspiring beings everywhere!

today is day #1 of unpaid vacation day for february. luckily tomorrow is another day off unpaid. better 2 than an entire week, which has been the going gig every month. on TOP of 20% pay cut.

i wish i had more clients to keep me busy, but then again, secretly i am thrilled its 12:35pm, and im still in pajamas and have done nothing but ME ME ME ME.

i spent most of day organizing writing posts and tagging them in my other blog. it was tedious but serene, and also.... creating.

today sasha has an appt. at the vet for her skin allergies (so narly!), then we are off to see grandmother and grandpop before alley cat heads to her dad's house for the week tomorrow.

when we get back, its our weekly thursday girls night. tonight has a twist though, as once alley cat is tucked in bed and off to dream in cotton candy clouds, i'm going out with super sis and lesley for a night on the town. i love the fact that super sis and i can share babysitters for nights like this. tribe tribe tribe.

a bit different to be going out during the week with alethea about, but lesley is leaving tomorrow to get back to colorado. honestly, my going out nights are tapering down to a slow descent.

im looking forward to hanging out with lesley as the last time we tried, we failed miserably.

as i said to lesley last night in a loud obnoxious mumbling, "we broke up before we even started."

im pleased that i dont have to break alley cat and mama routine, feeling pretty good about the fact that alley cat and i even have our "routines" and that she really takes them to heart, and giddy to be showing off the new hair do when going out with the ladies!

i chopped my hair off two days ago! pretty pistols came over and after a few glasses of wine she did the deed! i am still not sure how hot it is on me, but i do know that it feels great to have all that hair GONE. i can still remember how it felt to feel her super sharp shears so close to the back of my head as she made the first cut. not to mention that girl has got some mad skills with hair.


i think this weekend i will spend curled up in a big big bed overlooking a garden, and indulge in my new books!

speaking of which.....


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