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at last, my [noun] has come along...

wrapped my head around some things today. as in---- finally! got a blog created specific for creating, progressing, and living.

my other blog (private) is not so appropriate at times, and i'd much rather leave it private for strangers. along with the other reasons that come along with privacy, it also give me a certain level of freedom to be raw and unhinged. without judgment.

still working through template issues, and finding a look and feel that will impel me to write, document, and transcribe creative journey.

i started my etsy store just a few weeks ago, right here, and had two sales so far. one from a dear friend of mine in Scotland and the other in Germany.

*thank you!!*

still super excited about it, despite the inaction with sales aside from these two.

after joining the sf etsy street team, i am now signed up for sharing a booth at an upcoming craft fair in pleasanton, ca.

more will obviously be written and posted here.

what i love about all this, is that it feels like..... at.last.


today we had a really enjoyable daisy girl scout meeting. we had it here again, as we live across the street from the lake. our intent was that they would walk through the premises of the lake/park and clean up litter.

there are 11 girls in the troop all 6-7 years old. they are all magical in their own rite. when they are all in a group it can be sometimes tiring, but also... seriously entertaining.

the girls paired up and picked up recyclables and trash. they hated the gloves! but really enjoyed the whole concept of keeping our world a better place.

i was able to take sasha along for the long walk, and the girls thought she was really smelly and rude when she went to the bathroom in the field, and also... felt a lot safer walking through the fields knowing that sasha was scoping it all out.

overheard while guiding them through littered field:

dgs #1: this is soooooo disgusting.

dgs #2: i KNOW.

dgs #1: who would want ever make the world a disgusting place?

dgs #2: poor little birds.

dgs #1: poor stinky sasha.

the cookies arrived, so now my dining area is full of girl scout cookie boxes. bleh! the ocd in me wants to organize and store them away from viewing. but as this is something i know im consciously trying to work on, i staggered them in different piles, and am just avoiding making eye contact on that side of the house.



its almost the weekend, and alley cat goes to her dads for his week on friday. loads to do in the city this weekend, but i just feel like snuggling. who knows.


happy manifesting to all of you in the future, and now-- presently.


megnor79 said...

woo hoo! Your first comment!

I added your new blog to my Google Reader, so now I can keep up with everything that is...Rebecca. :)

Let me know when I can come by and pick up my gs cookies!

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