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Hi all!

I recently moved into the house I grew up in. A retro home built in 1953. It's been lots of work, and loads of sweat, swearing, and (depsite all that!) fun! Especially when painting my living room in an outrageous aqua color to accent my orange retro couches. :D

My next project is revamping the ugly dirty garage (our family has had renters who destroyed this home over the last 8 years) into my art space. This is a place where I will be extending my product lines, promoting and planning events, doing laundry, as well as holding girl scout meetings for my Brownie Troop twice a month. I am looking everywhere for inspiration, as this room will have so many varied purposes.

There seems to be quite a buzz about creative spaces lately. CRAFT blog has been doing a whole feature on this topic, and there are lots of posting elsewhere of craft space design.

I thought it would be super fun to get some insight on my fellow team members and their own personal craft space. Even if its a nook in your living room, or a shed in your backyard.

If you are interested please email me, and I would love to write up a mini feature (with pics!) on my blog!

Just shoot me an email at

Thanks and I'm really excited to hear from you!


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