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bazaar bizaare 2009

recently (ok a month ago now), jim dandy's participated as a vendor at SF Bizarre Bazaar. it was a huge success, and i had loads of fun!

i was lucky enough to be neighbors with two of my favorite etsy peeps Eristotle and Etta + Billie. I met lots of new vendors and also ran into some peeps from other craft show events.

lately (ok for the past few months now) i have been wanting to learn how to embroider (see last few blog posts). there are tons of books out there, and i just never knew which ones to buy. one lovely lady who writes some pretty kick ass embroider books is Jenny Hart.

it just so happened that Jenny Hart was at BizBaz for some good old fashioned book signing! I was lucky enough to be able to catch her at a quiet moment (i had to attempt the line a few times) and got to ask her which book she personally recommended for beginners.

she told me, and i bought it, then she SIGNED IT! :D

this is the book she picked for me.

thanks to all my repeat customers, and all the awesome new ones!


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