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we've moved!

so last week was probably the MOST stressfull week of the year so far.

the handmade ho down crew were working hard to launch the official website and get the vendor application process rolling, i hadn't done any packing (aside from what the greek had helped with), not to mention girl scouts, and getting ready for this huge move.

the move itself happened on thursday, and with the help of the greek, my brothers friend estevan, and some unlucky (but good spirited) neighbors it took ALL DAY to load up the moving truck.

at 7pm, the truck was loaded and we were ready to go to the new house to unload. but as MY luck would have it, the truck was not to start. we had to get a special uhaul tow service to come out. ugh. it took about three hours before the truck started again. by then, it was just the greek and i.

once we got to the new house, the greek persuaded me to start unloading the truck. what a dismal feat!

by this time it was past 10pm, and we were both wrecked. but, with most of the work landing on the greek, we managed to unload an entire 26 foot truck (with three sets of couches) into the garage. we didnt finish unloading and getting the truck back to the uhaul lot until almost 2am!!lo

i must say, i have the best boyfriend in the WORLD. >gush<

move completed? CHECK.

now for the hard part.......


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