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rain skirts!

so in the same theme with my "i love rain" mantra for the week, when i saw this posting on Craftzine i knew i had to repost!

who wouldn't want to make a rain skirt during this rainy season? and if you get started now, you will have the entire fall and winter to enjoy it!

who wants to make me one? or maybe i should just go out and finally get my own sewing machine and learn how to use it...... :D

so get out your old raincoats and start cracking!


Erin said...

NEAT! I almost want to make one. But since I bought my FREAKIN ADORABLE galoshes last year, I think I've worn them like 3 times. :( So it makes me hesitant to put all the effort in and then NOT GET TO WEAR IT!
I lick your bloggy. its cute. :)

jim dandy said...

i lick my bloggy all the time too. now there are two of us!

i heart freaking adorable galoshes! i MUST get alethea and i a pair this season!

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