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tick tock

indie-mart is only days away, and there is still TONS of things to prepare.

my shipment of feathers arrived late,and instead of a batch of around 75, there were olny 12 in the package.


i took a zillion deep breaths, then phone the sales and support line for the distributor. this TOTALLY COOL CHIC answered, and promised to have hand selected feathers sent out for delivery for tomorrow. FINGERS CROSSED.

otherwise, i won't have my pieces to sell.

luckily, i have made over 40 smaller, wispier versions of my fascinators.

last night amanda pants and i stayed up until 4:36am, armed with glue guns, and surrounded by feathers.


amanda pants is also working hard getting all our aprons done.

when we get pics uploaded i will definitely post.

in the meantime, my own version of texts from last night:

"There were feathers in the toilet.... am i peeing feathers?!"

***not related to jim dandy's***

yesterday was alley cats last day of school as a first grader. after i picked her up, we got ready for the start of summer pool party i planned for the entire girl scout troop.

it seems like it was a success, and i can't wait for jim dandy's to kick booty this weekend, so i can get alley cats summer vacation party started!!


DJ said...

Your blog is fantastic & I love your casual writing style. Good luck with indie-mart and I hope you get your stuff in on time.

jim dandy said...

thanks for the comment! and sorry it took so long to respond. i didn't have the comment notification feature on. whhoops!

hope you are still reading! :D

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